Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney (MO)

A health care power of attorney allows you to choose a person you trust, called an "attorney-in-fact" or "agent," to make health care decisions on your behalf should you ever be unable to make these decisions yourself. While it is unpleasant to think about, life can change in an instant. A car accident or the sudden onset of an illness could leave you in a state where you cannot communicate your wishes. A health care power of attorney allows you to plan ahead to make sure that the person you want to make decisions for you is able to do so.

If you choose, the form will also allow you to appoint an "alternate" agent. An alternate agent steps in if, for whatever reason, the original agent is unable to act in that role.

Also included is an optional living will (known in Missouri as a "Health Care Choices Directive"). A living will allows you to state what your wishes are about your health care if you ever were to have a terminal illness and could no longer speak for yourself. This can give your loved ones peace of mind of knowing they are making decisions in line with what you would want.

"I already have a health care agent. Can I still use this document?"

If you have already appointed an agent in a health care power of attorney, you can still use this document to do one of the following:

  1. Make changes to your existing power of attorney document, for example, by appointing a different agent or alternate agent.
  2. Complete the living will portion only, not making any changes to your current health care power of attorney.

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Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney - Missouri (Guidance Notes)