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Automobile Bill of Sale (MN)

You can use this Bill of Sale to document the sale of an automobile. Some states require a written bill of sale when selling a vehicle. Even if your state doesn't have this requirement, the bill of sale still provides you with a valuable record of the transfer. In states where you are taxed on your vehicle, this document can also provide proof of the date it was transferred. For the buyer, the bill of sale provides information that may assist you running a vehicle history report and also gives you proof of any warranty agreed upon by the seller.

This Bill of Sale includes the relevant information on the odometer reading as is required by law and (depending on the state), may also include an Odometer Disclosure Statement. It can be used whether or not there is still a loan remaining on the vehicle. It has options to specify how the purchase price should be paid as well as whether there are warranties included, or whether the vehicle is being sold "as is."

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Automobile Bill of Sale (T3) (Guidance Notes)