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Revocation of Power of Attorney (KS)

This document revokes, or legally cancels and voids, an existing power of attorney.

You may wish to cancel a power of attorney because you no longer need it for its original purpose, or you may no longer wish to have one or more of your agents/attorneys-in-fact act on your behalf in financial matters.

It is important that your agents/attorneys-in-fact are properly informed that you have canceled your power of attorney, as well as any financial institution, such as a bank. If they are not informed, your agents/attorneys-in-fact may still be able to act under the power previously granted. For this reason, you should send this Revocation of Power of Attorney to each person appointed under it as well as to any relevant financial institution. Depending on your state, you may also have to file this revocation with the County Clerk's Office, Registry of Deeds, or other government body.

This Revocation should only be used for financial powers of attorney and is not appropriate for use to revoke a healthcare power of attorney. It can be used to revoke powers of attorney that have appointed a total of up to six attorneys-in-fact or successor attorneys-in-fact.

This document is only needed if your agent(s)/attorney(s)-in-fact and/or your financial institutions have copies of your power of attorney document. If you never gave out any copies your power of attorney document, you can revoke the power of attorney by simply destroying the original and any copies.

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