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Funeral Directive (CT)

This document allows you to specify what you want to happen when you pass away. You will be able to specify:

  • Whether you wish for your body to be buried or cremated (or that you have no preference)
  • In the case of burial, where you might want to be buried
  • In the case of cremation, what you want to happen to your ashes
  • Any particular wishes you have regarding a funeral service, e.g. where a service might be held, particular music you wish to be played, etc.

You will also appoint a "designated person" in this directive who should be a person you trust to carry out the wishes contained in this funeral directive.

Note: In many cases, you might want to consider creating an Advance Health Care Directive (depending on state, this might be known as a Living Will or Health Care Proxy) instead of, or in addition to, this funeral directive. In an Advance Health Care Directive you can often specify not only your wishes with regard to funeral arrangements, but also end-of-life care and organ donation. Check our website to find what is available in your state.

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Funeral Directive (T2) (Guidance Notes)