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Security Deposit Receipt (MD)

Who should use this form: Any landlord who collects a security deposit from tenants.

Why use this form: Even if your lease addresses the terms of a security deposit and/or last month's rent, some states require a separate written receipt to be provided to the tenant. In states that do not require a receipt of this type, using this form is still good practice as it provides a record of the transaction.

The document serves as an important protection for both landlord and tenant.

For landlords, this form serves as acknowledgment that you collected a security deposit and the amount of each. In states where you are required to hold the security deposit in a separate bank account, it also satisfies the requirement to inform the tenant of where the deposit is held.

For the tenant, it provides proof that they paid the security deposit and the amount paid.

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Security Deposit Receipt (T3) (Guidance Notes)