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Inventory Checklist (MI)

Under state law, a landlord is required to provide a new residential tenant with a check-in sheet (Wisconsin) or an inventory checklist (Michigan). The checklist provides some proof of the condition of the rental property when the tenant moves in. If the tenant fails to properly fill out the checklist, or fails to return it, and a dispute over damages to the rental property occurs at the end of the tenancy, it becomes the tenant's word against the landlord's word.

The tenant will have seven days from the date the tenant begins occupying the property to complete and return it to the landlord. This already is a common practice for many landlords and property managers and now it is a state requirement.

It is a good practice for the landlord to also take photos or video the property prior to occupancy.

Note that this is only required for the start of a new tenancy and not for the renewal of a tenancy.

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