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Rental Condition Checklist (VT)

Some states require that landlords provide written documentation of the condition of the leased property to their tenants when collecting a security deposit. In those states, this document will conform to the particular requirements under that state's law. However, even if your state does not require that you provide this to the tenant, this document is still a valuable tool. The checklist and statement will ensure that you and the tenant are in agreement on the condition of the property at the time of move-in and reduce disputes at the time of move-out if you withhold any portion of the security deposit. While you hope that there will not be any damage to your property beyond normal wear and tear during the tenancy, having this documentation will help you prove, as far as possible, that the damage was caused by the tenant and was not present before they moved in.

This document will give you the option of either:

  • answering some basic questions at the start about the property, printing it, and then completing the document by hand; or
  • completing this completely online (you may, for example have a tablet you are using as you walk around the property).

Self Service

Price: Free

Included in this service:

Rental Condition Checklist (Guidance Notes)