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Advance Directive (GA)

This questionnaire helps you create a legal document to appoint a health care agent who can make health care decisions for you when you become unable, express your treatment preferences for an end-of-life situation, and nominate someone to be your guardian if a court decides you need one. There are 3 optional sections to this document:

  1. Health Care Agent lets you choose someone to make health care decisions for you when you can't (or don't want to) make them yourself. You can also give them the power to make decisions after your death about autopsy, organ & body donation, and what happens to your remains. You'll be able to appoint up to 2 back-up agents in case your first selection isn't available.
  2. Treatment Preferences lets you explain your preferences for medical care if you're in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious and unable to communicate your wishes.
  3. Guardianship lets you nominate someone to be your guardian in case you ever need one.

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Advance Directive - Georgia (Guidance Notes)