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Long Term Housesitting Agreement

This form documents the agreement between an owner (or renter) of a residence, and a person who will be housesitting for that person. This document is intended to guide the owner through standard terms of an agreement the housesitter is expecting to be compensated for their time, and will not make the residence their legal residence. This form works by taking basic information about the parties, both the owner or owners and the housesitter or housesitters. The form then asks basic questions about the length of the agreement and the compensation expected by the housesitter. Finally, the form asks basic questions about the duties that you expect the housesitter to complete during the assignment; your responses will dictate how the document is completed. Information collected includes your trip itinerary, including emergency contact information, and information about newspaper and mail handling, plant care, lawn care, snow and ice removal, garbage pickup, and other information.

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Long Term Housesitting Agreement (Guidance Notes)