Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney (IL)

This interactive questionnaire helps you create an advance directive - a legal document that protects your right to refuse medical treatment you do not want, or to request treatment you do want, in the event you lose the ability to make decisions yourself.

It has two parts, and you may complete one or both of them:

  • Part 1, The Illinois Short Form Power of Attorney for Health Care lets you name someone as your health care agent, to make decisions about your medical care -- including the power to require, consent to, or withdraw any type of personal care or medical treatment for any physical condition and to admit you to or discharge you from any hospital, home, or other institution if you can no longer speak for yourself. The Power of Attorney for Health Care is especially useful because it appoints someone to speak for you any time you are unable to make your own medical decisions, not only at the end of life. The Power of Attorney for Health Care takes effect when your doctor determines that you are no longer able to make your health care decisions.
  • Part 2, Declaration is the Living Will used in Illinois. It lets you state your wishes about medical care in the event that you develop a terminal condition and can no longer make your own medical decisions. The Living Will Declaration becomes effective if death would occur without the use of death-delaying procedures. (Your doctor must personally examine you and certify in writing that you are terminally ill.)

Note: These documents will be legally binding only if the person completing them is a competent adult (at least 18 years old).

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Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney - Illinois (Guidance Notes)