Health Care Directive (MN)

This questionnaire helps you create a Health Care Directive for a resident of Minnesota. The Health Care Directive has three parts:

Part I: Appointment of Health Care Agent. This lets you name another person (called the health care agent) to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make and communicate health care decisions for yourself. Your health care agent must make health care decisions for you based on the instructions you provide in this document (Part II), if any, the wishes you have made known to them, or your agent must act in your best interest if you have not made your health care wishes known.

Part II: Health Care Instructions. This lets you give health care instructions to guide others making health care decisions for you. If you have named a health care agent, these instructions should be used by the agent. These instructions may also be used by your health care providers, others assisting with your health care, and your family, if you can't make decisions for yourself.

Part III: Making the Document Legal. This is the signature and witnessing area.

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Health Care Directive - Minnesota (Guidance Notes)