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Commercial Lease (FL)

Leasing a commercial property can be complicated, but with this agreement, all the bases will be covered. This Commercial Lease should be used when renting a property for commercial use. It can be used for renting an entire property, or just part of it.

The agreement will include typical commercial lease matters such as cost of rent, term, security deposit, payment of utilities, taxes and operating expenses, and insurance requirements. You can also customize it to include changes in rent during the term, plans for improvement to the property by the landlord, and the option for the tenant to extend the lease term. The agreement comes with Exhibit A for a Lease Plan, and optional Exhibits B and C for information on any construction and improvements.

This agreement does not address local requirements - only applicable state law. This is a complex agreement - we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this agreement prior to using it.

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Commercial Lease (Guidance Notes)