Letter Requesting Certificate of Insurance (CA)

When a contractor or other vendor works at another person's property or for a company as an independent contractor, there are risks involved. Contractors can sometimes damage personal property or may even injure someone while performing the work. Consultants can sometimes make errors that would be covered by a professional liability policy. Companies and individuals that hire contractors or other vendors need to be certain that they will not be held liable for injuries, damages or substandard work. For this reason, they will frequently request to see a certificate of insurance.

This letter is used to request that the contractor or vendor provide a certificate of insurance showing that they have the required insurance. Using this letter to ask for a certificate of insurance may seem like a small and trivial item in the overall scheme of things, but you need to make sure that proper coverage is in place to protect your company from possible issues in the future.

The letter provides options for additional insureds, insurance requirements for subcontractors and not permitting any work to start until the certificate of insurance is provided.

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Letter Requesting Certificate of Insurance (Guidance Notes)