Due to the advent of radio "shock jocks," the FCC is clamping down hard on radio content. Radio stations have been fined thousands of dollars for on-air language and content.

The FCC cannot tell radio broadcasters not to air specific shows, discuss certain topics or how to conduct viewer "call-in" shows. For example, the FCC does not handle complaints by viewers that a station is too "liberal" in its politics. However, the FCC can and does enforce its rules prohibiting indecent and obscene radio broadcasts. As with television broadcasts, the context is all-important.

In its effort to crack down on obscene radio broadcasts, the FCC wants consumers to provide detailed information in their complaints, so the FCC can analyze exactly what was said during the broadcast. Complaints should be accompanied by a tape or transcript of the offending content. The date and time should be specified along with the radio station call sign.