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Parking Tickets


Although it is the most minor of traffic citations, parking tickets can result in an arrest warrant if they are not paid or dismissed. Paying the fine for a parking ticket does not typically affect your driving record and thus you insurance rates are not increased.

TIP: Even if you were not the person operating and parking the car, as the owner you are responsible for the ticket.

How can I defend against a parking ticket?

Some defenses to parking violations include:

  • Your vehicle was being used without your permission.
  • The parking requirements that you violated were unmarked.
  • You were parked due to an accident in the area in which you were involved.

Sidebar: Parking in a handicapped zone or space without the proper permit can result in a hefty fee. However, if the space is unmarked-no sign and faded blue paint markings-you cannot be convicted. A photograph is your best evidence to show the prosecutor and judge when you make your first appearance in court.